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Nicholas Peskedjis Co. was founded in 1977 as successor to Dimitris Peskedjis enterprise, which was founded in 1942.

It is the oldest Greek company in the field of Surveying equipment and has promoted/represent most of the renowned suppliers.

Its main activity is the promotion of reliable equipment in the most competitive prices.

Its many years of experience, allows recommending the customers the most suitable equipment for their application.

Among its customers are included: Ministries, Public Organizations, Municipalities, The Greek Arm Forces, Universities, Engineers and Technical companies.

It represents and distributes the products of the following companies: FOIF, Geo Fennel, Rollei Fototechnic, Stereo Aids, FPM, Friedrich Richter, Haglöf, Estwing, Carl Zeiss Jena.

It can provide solutions to the following fields:

·       Surveying

·       Photogrammetry

·       Forest Engineering

·       Geology

·       Distilleries

·       Planetariums